Ubbelohde Viscometer

Brand: Ramin' USA Product Code:

This is a suspended level viscometer that requires approximately 11ml of sample which is filled into the reservoir to a level between two lines. The Ubbelohde design ensures a uniform driving head of liquid independent of sample volume which produces a Constant that is independent of temperature. After 30 minutes temperature equilibration in bath, sample is pressured or suctioned into the volumetric chamber with air vent tube closed with finger. Then move finger to tube ā€œNā€ to stop flow and allow receiving chamber below to clear and empty. Remove finger and time flow past marks on bulb. Repetitive fills and timings can be done to confirm times and increase accuracy. This viscometer can be supplied with round metal holder permanently mounted, to fit 2ā€ hole in bath.

Bath depth required: 10ā€