GasMix™ Standard Dilution Systems

GasMix™ is based on mass flow controllers (MFC). The principle of mixing and diluting relies on the control of gas flows, according to the ISO 6145-7 standard.

A software continuously monitors , via a RS485 link, mass flowmeters to ensure flow rates and therefore concentrations, stable throughout the mixing creation. This software enables you configure and control the hardware. It also provides continuous monitoring of the steering while recording the dilutor feedback information, in order to trace any errors during production of the blend.

The uncertainty associated with the final concentration is calculated by the software based on the used flow and the initial concentration uncertainty.

With an external contact output, the software may be pending or send a signal, for example to control an external valve or start an analyzer.



Part Number Description
Aiolos The mixer, dilutor and injector of standard gases
Atmo The dilutor dedicated to air quality monitoring
GMRack The 19'' GasMix™
Hurricane The 5-12 gases dilutor-mixer
LiqMix Creation and injection of gas sample
Zephyr The space-saver, smart and tactile gas dilutor



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