ASTM D4636: Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability of Hydraulic Oils_

Standard Test Method for Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability of Hydraulic Oils, Aircraft Turbine Engine Lubricants, and Other Highly Refined Oils

Part Number Description
77-4636-1 Main Sample Tube, 51mm OD with S/T 71/60 Joint 450mm Length
77-4636-2 Sample Tube Head, S/T 71/60 Joint, with 24/40 and 10/30 Top Joints
77-4636-3 Tube, 6mm OD x 580mm Long, with 10mm Ring near Bottom
77-4636-4 Thermocouple Tube, S/T 10/30 Male Joint
77-4636-5 Allihn Condenser, 300mm, S/T 24/40
77-4636-6 Spacer, 9mm OD x 6mm Long (Pkg /10)
77-4636-7 Oil Sample Tube, “U” Shape, 4mm x 2.4mm (Flask Sold Separate)
77-4636-8 Adapter, PTFE Stopper w/ 4mm hole
77-4636-9 Flask, 25ml with Vent, Sampling, Zero Rubber Stopper



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