ASTM D2007: Characteristic Groups in Rubber Extender & Processing_

Standard Test Method for Characteristic Groups in Rubber Extender and Processing Oils and Other Petroleum–Derived Oils by the Clay–Gel Absorption Chromatographic Method

Part Number Description
77-2007-APC Azobenzene Percolation Column, 125ml Reservoir
77-2007-B Beaker, Anti-Creep, 150ml
77-2007-CA Attapulgus Clay, Case of 50 bags (Each bags = 150 grams)
77-2007-CT Connection Tube, Glass Joints with Flexible TFE Tubing
77-2007-CUL Ramin' Clay Gel Columns, Upper and Lower
77-2007-F Distillation Flask, 3-Neck, 500 ml for Extraction
77-2007-H Distillation Head with Vigreaux Column, TFE Stopcock
77-2007-KIT (1x Clay Gel Percolation Column, 1x Extraction Apparatus and 1x Azobenzene Percolation Assembly)
77-2007-MV Metering Valve, Stopcock 2mm
77-2007-RC Reflux Condenser, Friedrichs
77-2007-SG Silica Gel, Case of 50 bags (Each bags = 200 grams)



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