Custom Glass Blowing Our staff of professional glassblowers can handle virtually any requirement. Send us a sketch or reference.

Repair of Broken Glassware Whether it is routine maintenance repair of broken arms, chips, or cracks or saving that precious indispensable part from some company in Lower Schmutzgalica who no longer exists, Ramin’ can get the job done.

Our Production Facilities Include an extensive glassblowing shop with modern production equipment and highly skilled glassblowers who have been trained in methods that produce the highest quality products. We have a viscometer calibration laboratory to calibrate and certify kinematic capillary viscometers, a moderate size machine shop with CNC as well as manual machines and a dedicated quality control department who will go to any degree necessary to ensure product perfection.

In addition to offering a robust line of ASTM related systems and glassware, Ramin' also provides private label service for our standard products or yours. We have a long standing history of providing companies with our top-quality production services and engineering assistance. Whether you would like to be a private-label distributor of our products or simply need a quality manufacturer of your own products, we can create a program to suit your needs.

Listed below are a few of our OEM Clients:
Petroleum Analyzer Company including: Herzog, ISL, Antek Instruments, AC Analytical Controls
Koehler Instrument Company
Valco Instruments Company Inc.
O.I. Analytical

Machine Shop Services

Please visit our Machine Shop & Fabrication Services page for more information.